Cheyenne Drop Off Location:

A.  WYCO Recycling – 1938 Wyott Dr. (West Side of Building)

Open Monday – Saturday 7AM-4PM

Accepts the following items:

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tin Cans (please rinse first)
  • #1 Plastic Pop & Water Bottles (No #1 food containers please)
  • #2 Plastic Containers (Milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc.  No antifreeze, motor oil or herbacide/pesticide containers)

Mixed Paper

  • Newspaper (includes inserts)
  • Office Paper (white & pastel colored paper, shredded paper, mail, file folders, etc.  Paper clips and staples okay)
  • Magazines
  • Books (hardback, paperback, and phone books)

PLEASE NOTE – Putting items not listed above in the public drop off bins (including 3-7 plastics and bags) will cause the entire bin to be thrown in the trash and could cause the bins to be removed.

** Please empty plastic bags and paper sacks full of recyclables into the appropriate bins and do not place the bags inside the bins.  Paper sacks can be recycled in the cardboard bins.  Plastic bags unfortunately must be discarded as trash.

** Commercial customers please bring your recyclables to WYCO Recycling at 1938 Wyott Drive or call 303-638-0278 to arrange pick up service.